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Zuidtirol ... het land in de bergen

„Grüß Gott“ and „Buon giorno“… in Zuidtirol

Southern of the Brenner to the chasm of Salurn ranges South Tyrol with an area of 7.400 sqkm. 5000.000 Germans, Italians and Ladins are living there together.

Characteristic for the region South Tyrol is the contrast between North and South, alpine and mediterrean.

South Tyrol... the magic variety

South Tyrol is described as the symbiosis of alpine and mediterrean, spontaneity and reliability, nature and culture.

In South Tyrol you experience steep rocks, snow-white peaks, vibrant cities, idyllic villages, impressing castles, dreamy palaces, good wine, flavoursome bacon, bread, roasted chestnuts...

Land of pleasure, South Tyrol

In the cuisine you can see the symbiosis of two cultures: tyrolean, rural cuisine as wall asl mediterrean dishes are listed on the menus. To the South Tyrolean quality products belong appels, grapes, chestnuts, alpine spiced dry flatbread, bacon, honey, wine, grappa and much more! Visit us in the gourmet hotel South Tyrol!

The history of South Tyrol

South Tyrol, the region between Brenner and Salurn, belonged to Austria until the First World War. In the course of the peace negotiations of the WWI the region was assigned to Italy and a policiy of italianization followed. Today South Tyrol is an autonomy and therewith a model for every minorities.

Top destinations in South Tyrol

For those who visit South Tyrol not only for its scenic beauty but with the aim of understanding the region and its people, the Culturonda® offers with its impressing and exciting cultural experiences a perfect insight: castle Tirol, Ötzi, Dolomites, Abbey Neustift, medieval city Glurns, alpine farmsteads, Trauttmansdorff, mining museum Ratschings, wine and cuisine!

More information about South Tyrol!
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